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It’s more than just a Bookshelf. This is the page for all things media for the dSLR Dad. For those of you who would like more information about something on this page, please use the dSLR Dad Amazon Store for all of your needs. I’ve begun to condense Amazon’s enormous and overwhelming site down to the needs of a dSLR Dad. Let me know what you think.

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The First Two Books I tell Everyone to Buy

The Digital Photography Book The first is The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby. You are going to see his name a lot on this site, usually in regards to all things Photoshop. However, this photography instruction book is great. The chapters progress well while each page is it’s own separate mini-tutorial, a great idea. This book has so many tips, that everyone should own it, even you professionals.

book_understanding-exposure.jpg The second book that every photographer MUST OWN is Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera. This wonderful resource will step you through all aspects of your Creative Mode dial. You will not only learn what Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO are, but how they relate to each other for the proper exposure.

The best thing about these books, you can grab them both at Amazon for around $30! What a deal.

Books on Photography

Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs

This book presents the full spectrum Adams’ greatest work in a single volume for the first time, offering an entirely new perspective on his monumental career. The photographs are arranged chronologically into five major periods in order to convey Adams’ development as an artist-from his first photographs made in Yosemite and the High Sierra in 1916 to his work in the National Parks in the 1940s up to his last important photographs from the 1960s.

Welcome to Oz: A Cinematic Approach to Digital Still Photography

“Vincent Versace is a Renaissance man who has produced the best how-to book of the year! …Versace introduces a system for creating images that owes as much to the traditional darkroom as the digital one. Don’t just read the book; study it. The first chapter isn’t called “The Tao of Dynamic Workflow” for nothing and, like the rest of the book, contains Versace’s charm, wit, and wisdom. It’s copiously illustrated with detailed step-by-step examples of techniques that when applied to your own work will turn you from zero to hero. The fact that he’s a heck of a photographer means the book is stunningly illustrated, but it’s also been well designed. It has become a cliché to say that a book could change your life, but this one could.” — Joe Farace, December, 2007 , Shutterbug, Top Digital Books Of 2007

The HDRI HandbookHigh Dynamic Range Imaging for Photographers and CG Artists

For you dSLR Dad’s looking for a new avenue to try in photography, may I suggest High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI). HDRI is the process of combining photographs at different exposures (typically bracketed at +/- 2 stops). This allows you to keep proper detail in those tricky situations where you have a bright sky (the ‘blinkies’ on your LCD screen) mixed with objects that have shadow detail. One book that looks really promising (after my in-store review) is The HDRI Handbook: High Dynamic Range Imaging for Photographers and CG Artists by Christian Bloch. My full post is located here.

Moose Peterson’s Guide to Wildlife Photography: Conventional and Digital Techniques

This explains exactly how to make the most of your equipment and how to use animals’ habits to optimize your results. Find the right tools for the job, including every type of lens; learn techniques such as panning, shooting from blinds, and remote triggering of the flash; and take expert advice on how to make the subject really come to life in your images. Understand how to use animals’ habits to optimize your results, see how to frame the animal within a background for that perfect shot, and explore techniques for modifying the natural light to really highlight your subject. Of course, Peterson has fascinating stories to tell about his own experiences, and his fabulous photos provide real enjoyment even as they teach valuable lessons.

Books for the Digital Darkroom

Mastering Digital Black and White: A Photographer’s Guide to High Quality Black-and-White Imaging and Printing (Digital Process and Print)

Amadou Diallo has written a fantastic book. He does a great job of leading you through the digital darkroom process of black and white photography.

First, it starts off with an entire chapter of images to get you inspired. Next, you focus on your digital darkroom. This involves not only the hardware, but also a very good chapter on color management (which is usually not as easy to explain as Diallo does). The book then continues with capturing in-camera, importing and working in Photoshop (don’t worry, you can still apply his techniques in Photoshop Elements), and finishing with the all important print. Finally, he pulls all of the techniques you’ve learned together into a series of step-by-step examples in which he leads you through the entire work flow, from start to finish. Not enough authors do this, and those that do it well should be commended.


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  1. xpherion says:

    I agree both are really good books.

  2. DKBU says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. ovidiusuteu says:

    Totally agree with your recommendation. The first two books are very good.

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