Canon 1D Mark III Review by Lawrence Ripsher

January 6, 2008

Lawrence Ripsher has posted a review of the Canon EOS 1D Mark III (Amazon, B&H Photo) on his Photo Journal Blog.

I’ve been the owner of a 1D Mk3 since early December 2007 and this review comes about a month in after many thousands of actuations. For those of you who are not familiar with my background, I have shot Canon for some time now (having transitioned over from Nikon) and shoot a variety of subjects including sports, portraiture, street and what I call narrative photography. For examples of my work, you can click on the galleries to the left (or simply follow this review).

The Canon EOS 1D Mark III has had quite a ride. Released as part of Canon’s 20 year EOS anniversary strategy it was both highly anticipated and widely applauded when it was announced. From the outset it has arguably generated more noise (of the vocal kind) than any other camera in the market today, with the possibly exception of the Nikon D3. Leading the emotionally charged opinions on the camera have been photographers from all walks – some highly respected professionals, some skilled amateurs, some hopeful hobbyists and typically, an even greater number of users who have never touched this particular camera. The 1D has been heralded as everything – from the greatest sports and photojournalism camera in the world today, to a huge disappoint and failure. Even in the already emotional and divided world of camera equipment forums, the Canon 1D Mark III has shown an extreme example of split opinion. Read the rest of this entry »


Review Roundup: Nikon D300

December 18, 2007

The Nikon D300 dSLR has been out in the wild for some time (shipping now at Amazon). For all you dSLR Dad’s out there who are looking for one more bit of information to justify that purchase, here you go: Read the rest of this entry »

Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Review

December 18, 2007

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I love this site. If you have never visited PhotoZone, head over there now. They have posted their review of the new Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S Nikkor Zoom Lens (available at Amazon and B&H Photo). Nikon announced this lens earlier this fall along with the D3 and D300.

The Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED exceeds the already very good performance of its predecessor. The center quality is nothing short of outstanding matching or beating the resolution of a 10mp APS-C sensor. Read the rest of this entry »

Rob Galbraith’s Look at the Canon EOS 1D Mark III Sub-Mirror Fix

December 11, 2007

The Canon EOS 1D Mark III has been selling for quite a while now (since February 23, 2007 at Amazon). Unfortunately, the pro community have been quarrelling with Canon over the poor performance of the 1D Mark III’s servo-autofocus engine, especially at high temperatures. Rob Galbraith’s site has been out in front of this issue since the beginning (June 19 was his first update). Now Rob has released an update assessing the 1D Mark III’s sub-mirror fix and v1.1.3 firmware.

The entirety of his in-depth analysis of the update is here.

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Canon 1Ds Mark III Report by Phil Holland

December 5, 2007

California based professional photographer Phil Holland has posted his in-depth report on the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III.

In this review I’ll go over some real world and not so real world shooting conditions. I’ll also occasionally compare the 1Ds Mark III to the 1Ds Mark II as it’s been my main body for a couple of years now. Read the rest of this entry »

Canon EOS-1D Mark III Firmware Update 1.1.3

November 28, 2007

Canon has released a firmware update for the Canon EOS 1D Mark III. This firmware update (Version 1.1.3) incorporates the following improvements and fixes.

  1. Increases transmission speed when using high-speed SD cards.
  2. Fixes a phenomenon involving not being able to release the shutter.
  3. Improves AF tracking in specific conditions.
  4. Corrects errors in the Spanish and Korean menu screens.

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Shipping This Week: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III

November 27, 2007

Canon USA will be shipping the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III in the U.S. starting this week. The first units of the 21MP SLR are expected to land on dealer loading docks in the next few days, says Chuck Westfall, Director of Media and Customer Relationship at Canon USA.
Please note that all shipping 1Ds Mark III bodies are supposed to contain the redesigned sub-mirror mechanism already announced for the EOS 1D Mark III.

Via Rob Galbraith