TIME Magazine: The Year in Images

December 30, 2007

Photo by Marcus Bleasdale / VII. Refugees from fighting in Mogadishu seek shelter at a camp in Baletwayne, Somalia.

Time Magazine has posted a powerful collection of The Year in Images. You can view them here.


Sports Illustrated’s 2007 Year in Pictures

December 26, 2007


Sports Illustrated has launched their 2007 Year in Pictures.  You can view them here.

via Imaging Insider

Photo Inspiration of the Week: Elizabeth Carmel’s Autumn

October 22, 2007

It’s fall. In the colder areas of the country, that means the weather brings a change of color over the landscape before winter. For you dSLR Dad’s who didn’t get outside to photograph this weekend, please take your inspiration from Elizabeth Carmel’s Autumn portfolio. Well worth it.

Photo Inspiration of the Week: Unbelievable Macros

October 14, 2007

Igor Siwanowicz has an outstanding portfolio of Macro photography.  His specialty is of little creatures.  You can visit his portfolio here.