Tech Watch: RadioPopper

January 14, 2008

Radiopopper - P1 - Prototype units

I have been tracking the progress of RadioPopper since I first heard about them six months ago. Unfortunately, I have not felt like they deserved a mention on dSLR Dad, until now.

RadioPopper is a new stratup company that is on a mission to provide a range of radio flash triggering solutions for dSLR Dads. What you see to the left is a preproduction prototype of the P1 system. The RadioPoppper P1 is a long range, remote trigger radio solution that also transmits the infrared signal… Read the rest of this entry »


ColorVision Spyder3Pro and Spyder3Print

December 12, 2007

ColorVision has updated their Spyder3 line of color management devices with the release of the SPYDER3PRO and the SPYDER3Print. The SPYDER3PRO Colorimeter is designed to deliver more precise control over white point and gamma, and has easy-to-use features including a new Display Assistant that stores and easily retrieves all user device-specific information on each display to save time during recalibration.

The SPYDER3Print enables photographers to output gallery-quality color or black and white prints and makes storing and creating profiles easy through its simple wizard-driven program. This way, you can create your own profiles (which normally cost $100 each) for a multitude of papers with greater control. This way, you could use Epson’s Exhibition Fiber Paper on the Canon Imageprograf IPF5000 Printer (Which, by-the-way, is a now available at a $1100 discount).

A Comparison Chart of all four of the Spyder 3 products Read the rest of this entry »

ThinkTank Photo Holiday Coupon for Free Gift

December 9, 2007

ThinkTank Photo, maker’s of some of the best camera bags out there (see the dSLR Dad Holiday Gift Guide), is offering a coupon for a free gift with any total purchase over $100. The offer ends December 31, 2007. You can download the coupon here.

Really Right Stuff L-Plate & Body Armor for Canon G7 & G9

December 7, 2007

Really Right Suff has introduced Body Armor for Canon G7 & G9. This protective cover slips over the camera and snap-fits into your Really Right Stuff L-plate. This industry-first cover is machined from a solid block of aluminum to produce the world’s best body armor for your camera. The finished cover weighs only 3 ounces and can be used to protect your camera and as a camera support when your tripod is not at hand! When your camera is around your neck and out for use, simply snap-fit the cover to the bottom of the L-plate to keep it handy but out of the way.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Visible Dust 724 Sensor Brush Bundle

November 25, 2007

The following is part of a much larger dSLR Dad Holiday Gift Guide:

I have tried a lot of different sensor cleaning products over the last year (never change your lenses at the beach, change them in your car). Visible Dust is the company that makes absolutely superior products. They are so good, whenever I went to my local camera shops, they all told me that while they could sell me some pad or swab, but they all used something from Visible Dust.

There are three steps to dust free images 1) Check 2) Dry Clean 3) Wet Clean. The Visible Dust 3 Step Dust Free 724 DSLR Sensor Cleaning Kit has Read the rest of this entry »

Holiday Gift Guide: Make Every Lens a Macro Lens

November 25, 2007

The following is part of a much larger dSLR Dad Holiday Gift Guide:

Everybody wants to try Macro photography, but not everyone can purchase a separate macro lens. Especially if you’re new to macro photography and are not sure exactly what you would need. Well here is the perfect solution, the Canon 500D Close Up Lens(77mm at Amazon or B&H Photo). This is a two-element, precision optic that screws on to the front of your lens like a typical filter. It then reduces your lens’ focal length, so you can get close to your subject and fill the frame. It’s so good that I know Nikon professionals who swear by it. Read the rest of this entry »

Holiday Gift Guide: Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket

November 25, 2007

The following is part of a much larger dSLR Dad Holiday Gift Guide:

If you’re not looking for a new bag, how about a great accessory that anyone can use, the Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket from Think Tank Photo. It stores four Compact Flash cards and three Secure Digital cards in an even smaller, more compact package. Can be attached inside of Think Tank Photo products or to your clothing. That way, it just doesn’t fall out of your pocket, lost forever. It can also hold business cards in the front face. Available for just $13.50. Note, the slightly larger Pixel Pocket Rocket comes standard with quite a few bags (including the one I bought).